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Sunday, 18 October 2015

chinedu iroka


In a general approach and gentle psychological interview, girl to girl relationship has almost taken over the government of relationship in our world today.
Girls prefer girls instead of the opposite.
According to our source.
Some girl-girl persons have been interviewed and they equally gave reasons why they prefer girls instead of there opposite sex.
According to the research made, reasons they gave have been generally analyzed and edited before this posting.
Please do not criticize any of the post.
  1. ADDICTION- Girls that associate only with girls sometimes might get addicted to their fellow girls and it might trigger their sex drive to the wrong direction.
  2. PORNOGRAPHY- Pornography has effect on some pretty girls psychologically, this is why it is not even proper to leave a pretty girl online from night till dawn {lol}
  3. SEX WITHOUT PAINS- Girls with little opening feels uneasy when guys with bigger stuffs emerge on them, they say it hurts so bad. This is why some crazy girls prefer fingers. {that’s bad}
  4. DISEASE- Some say they can’t contact diseases like being pregnant lol
  5. background/ influence
  6. lack of proper education
  7. social life
But in a general review I don’t think it is right and proper for a girl to prefer a girl because it is not as accorded by my bible.

Your opinions may count if you have one.

chinedu iroka

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