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Friday, 20 November 2015

chinedu iroka

Again! Love birds make path [Tyga and Jenner]

According to MediaTakeOut, Kylie Jenner has officially broken up with Tyga.

MTO report below;

Well Tyga and Kylie Jenner are officially over!! confirmed yesterday that Kylie Jenner has completely cut off all contact with her former love.

What happened?

According to a person extremely close to the Kardashians (So close their name starts with a "K" lol) - Kylie caught Tyga Facetiming a girl that Kylie says is a "stripper."

According to the snitch Kylie is EXTREMELY BROKEN UP about it - because she absolutely LOVED Tyga  and he's the one who TOOK HER VIRGINITY.

Anyways, the entire Kardashian family now HATES TYGA.

You'll notice that yesterday was Tyga's birthday and NOT ONE OF THEM wished him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on social media.

And neither Kylie or Kendall attended his OFFICIAL birthday party last night at L.A.

OH Tyga the facetimer am sorry to have you caught.

 But my people una go still see them tomorrow holding hands again.

 Or do you have something to say about it, drop a comment below

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