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Friday, 20 November 2015

chinedu iroka

Coke Studio Campaign Paves Ultimately For Company

Sponge a marketing agency, in collaboration with Coca-Cola bottling company reveals that it has debuted an innovative new slideshow ad in Nigeria which over-delivered on reach by one million which was their estimated target.

According to vanguard - a statement made by its Media Director, Mr Oti Ukubenyinje says;

“Our focus at Sponge is to constantly find and develop innovative ways to reach our client’s audience digitally, regardless of digital barriers such as internet penetration and low smartphone usage”.

It will be recalled that a 5 page Facebook slideshow created by the digital marketing agency Sponge used both images and text to tell powerful stories about Coke Studio Africa Season 3, targeting older phones with slower internet connection speeds.

Coke ran Slideshow ads to promote its ‘Coke Studio Africa’ TV show, using shots taken from the TV show to create photo slides.

According to Facebook report, it reached 2 million people, twice the company’s original target of 1 million.

Media director says that “The Facebook Slideshow ad is one of such great examples where Sponge has been able to participate in one of many new product development processes; given that we were opportune to be the agency selected by Coca-Cola in Africa to test run this new ad product by Facebook.”

In an attempt to adapt to the global increase in access to the internet and consequently rapid increase in Facebook users, the social media success has decided to create a more data friendly way of advertising for marketers.

The new Facebook Ad Unit has made use of slideshows in order to curb the issue of slow streaming.

After running the test for two weeks, the stats reflected a significant increase in engagement rates relative to the standard image and video ads that have been run on Facebook.

Interestingly, the test proved that this means of advertising may be more cost efficient as the cost per engagement was equally lower than the average for other formats.

Source Vanguard

chinedu iroka

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