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Sunday, 22 November 2015

chinedu iroka

Lagos State Government Warns Citizens Against Consuming Imported Chickens

The Lagos State Government has warned Lagosians against eating unearth and contaminated chicken that are in circulation within the state as they pose a serious health risk to everyone.

Mr. Toyin Suarau  Commissioner for Agriculture,  said some imported poultry products that are contaminated were seized by the Nigeria Customs Service in and buried but were later disinterred  by some people who planned to sell them to unsuspecting members of the public.

The commissioner disclosed this on Saturday while receiving officials of the National Orientation Agency who came to inform Lagosians about the dangers of consuming the contaminated food.

The commissioner said the imported poultry produce was preserved with chemicals like formalin which was poisonous, adding that it could lead to slow death.

He added that the poisonous products were not as nutritious as freshly processed poultry meat because imported poultry meat had been preserved for months and years with dangerous chemicals. 

chinedu iroka

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