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Sunday, 1 November 2015

chinedu iroka


This are ways to increased the speed of your browser and internet connectivity

Reduce the web cache

Although Cache helps in storing data for future use, on the flip side it can deplete the pace of the internet. A good first step in speeding up your slow internet connection to tweak your internet options.  The task here is to make your web cache as small as possible. The less disk space your reserve for your temporary files is less data that your computer needs to search through.

Clean house

Just like parasites, dormant applications on your device make it slower and less effective hence limiting your browsing experience. Clean up your device by uninstalling apps that you hardly use. Another thing you must do is close properly apps and tabs that are not being used at the moment.

Enable text mode while browsing

More often than not, text and pictures are go together to ease the understanding of the user perusing the internet. However this could have a negative impact on the internet speed. To save data and increase speed you can switch between text mode or image mode at browser settings on your device.

Install fast mobile web browser

The web browser of a mobile phone plays a crucial role in increasing the speed of internet activities. There are a lot of mobile web browsers, most of them for free. Making an appropriate choice will take you to the next level of experiencing the world of internet efficacy.

ISPs still matter

Face it. Some networks are faster than others. Find Internet Service Provider one that works best for your location. Even if you don’t want to give up your number, you can switch to another network, or better still, go the Nigerian way-use more than one service provider.

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chinedu iroka

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