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Monday, 2 November 2015

chinedu iroka


In the days when Boko haram  was still halal in our our country, the Communiqué   No.103 of the Monetary Policy Committee, MPC, meeting held on September 21 and 22,2015, would by now have been decoded, dissected and deconstructed by our ivory tower thinkers and public intellectuals. It was an official obituary of our economy!

Alas, one month after its release and even publication as advertorials, the “body language” of our castrated   intellectual class shows clearly that boko has truly become haram as many of our intellectual prides of yesteryear now take cue from unbaked politicians before commenting on issues of national importance.

Unlike in the period when professors were   unquestionable sources of profound knowledge and elucidation on public issues, today you will almost puke at the level of palpable ignorance that flows from many of them either as a result of mental fatigue or self-censorship because the gods they worship who are anti-intellectual….READMORE

chinedu iroka

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