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Monday, 16 November 2015

chinedu iroka


This story appeared on vanguard this morning

At Gbagidi, Ijanikin area of Lagos State, last thursday a housewife identified as Iya Deborah, reportedly emptied a bowl of hot water on her husband, Ajagadi.

The woman was not happy after her husband gave her N700, out of the N800 he had to prepare yam and sauce breakfast for the family.

She bought the yam, but emptied the boiling water on her husband, who was making use of his phone in the sitting room, waiting for his meal.

They have been married for eight years, has four children, including a six-month-old baby. As vanguard gathered

A neighbour said:

 “I was in front of the compound when I heard the victim screaming and his wife running out of the compound as if the devil was chasing her.

Neighbours who were in the compound at that moment  ran into their apartment only to see him in pains.

“We asked him what happened; he said his wife emptied full bowl of hot water on him. We bought raw eggs and honey which we poured on the burns, before taking him to the hospital.” As the neighbours said

according to Vanguard angry neighbours later caught Iya Deborah, and dragged her to the hospital.

When Vanguard visited the victim at Ademola Hospital, he was still writhing in pains from burns and blisters on his chest, face, right hand, and lap.

A nurse told Vanguard, on the condition of anonymity: “When the wife of the victim came to the hospital, she kept saying that she did it because the money her husband gave to her was too little.

She alleged that he has been cheating on her with other women and keeps complaining that there was no money, but keeps spending on his lovers.

Feeling a lot more remorseful, Iya Deborah, who is currently undergoing interrogation at Ijanikin Police Divisional Headquarters, said: “I don’t know what came over me; it is the devil’s handwork.”

Vanguard gathered that the suspect once attacked a neigh-bour in their former compound with hot groundnut oil.

chinedu iroka

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