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Monday, 16 November 2015

chinedu iroka


(RRS) Lagos state squad arrested three ex–convicts identified as

Adekunle Mustapha, 21

Popoola Olumide, 20

Femi Amusa, 20

For traffic robbery in Oshodi area of Lagos State this morning.

Rapid Response Squad made some statements which  states that one of the victims said he was stocked in early morning traffic at  Bolade in Oshodi at about 6:30 am when Adekunle Mustapha snatched his blackberry phone through the window and ran away with it.

The victim stopped at the next bus-stop and traced Adekunle. And discovered that Adekunle had regrouped with his cohorts.

According to source the victim called the RRS who immediately arrested Adekunle and his friends.

 Adekunle in his confession said

“I am a bus conductor in Oshodi. I am from Ibadan and a secondary school dropout.
I am an ex–convict. I don’t want to go to prison again. Government should please have mercy on me.
 I was frustrated into traffic robbery. I won’t do it again,” Adekunle claimed.

However his accomplices, Popoola Olawale and Femi Amusa claimed that they are bus conductors and not in-traffic robbers.

They added that they were in Lagos to make money to buy their working tools having completed their apprenticeship. The RRS Commander, ACP Olatunji Disu, has asked residents of the state to be vigilant wherever they find themselves.

"Police is your friend. Whenever you are in any distress situation, draw the attention of any police operative you see around or call 767 or 112 on your phone. Ensure that police get hold of any criminal you come in contact with, whether you are the victims or not," he said

chinedu iroka

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